Collect data.One glance is enough and you know what is important for your company.

Our farm management system makes it easier to plan and organize the management of your business. You and your employees can see at a glance where and which action is required. For example, you not only recognize when and where your plants need nitrogen fertilizer, but also the amount that is economically sensible for your site.

AGVOLUTION Farm-Management System (Illustration)

Smart Farming made easy.
With AGVOLUTION you have everything under control with one system:

  • Site-specific task documentation
  • Automated acquisition of machine data (telemetry, CANBUS data)
  • Combined data: Soil, weather, machine data and image analysis (satellite, drone, camera)
  • Economic and ecological optimization per site
  • Site-specific cost accounting
  • Decision tools for site-specific fertilization (according to fertilizer policy schemes)
Harvest success.

Due to the high degree of automation of your farm management system and the associated sensor network, you can concentrate on the essentials:
Make effective and efficient decisions.

Invest time in your business, not in the computer.

Our evaluation gives you decision tools specific to your applications. You will receive real-time information about your operational processes from anywhere in the world:

How much nitrogen is currently mineralized in the soil of the individual zones within my field?Is it worth starting with 80 kg nitrogen on this zone, or are only 60 kg necessary?
How much additional yield can I expect from a higher N dose or a different N fertilizer type?Is it worth fertilizing all areas? Does the microclimate itself ensure sufficient N mineralization?
Is there a high risk of infection for Septoria leaf drought (Zymoseptoria tritici ssp.) on all my within-field zones right now?Which control strategy can I use under such conditions?

You can of course involve your advisor in the decision making process and share information with one click.

The decision tools are based on the principles of ecosystem models that have been extensive tested in science for many years combined with modern methods of machine learning and remote/local sensing.

Any additional information you enter will help improve decision-making tools.

After the decision, a successful harvest follows.

In the end, technology needs to pay off.

Together with Agvolution you will achieve higher resource use efficiency and achieve optimum management through digitally analyzing your farm activities.

Andreas Heckmann – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Andreas Heckmann

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Munir Hoffmann – Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Dr. Munir Hoffmann

Chief Research Officer

Sebastian Jerratsch – Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Sebastian Jerratsch

Chief Information Officer

Thomas Maier – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Thomas Maier

Chief Technology Officer

Lukas Kamm – Chief Digital Product Officer (CDO)

Lukas Kamm

Chief Digital Product Officer

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Current projects
We support the 'FarmerSpace' Research Project (funded by BMEL).
The FarmerSpace Project is all about digital crop protection:

In the European Horizon 2020 project ATLAS, we are building multi-vendor and sensor-based irrigation systems together with farms in Europe.ATLAS - Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System
References and partners
University of Göttingen - DNPW Section of Agricultural Engineering
Institut für ZuckerrübenforschungInstitute of sugar beet research
Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen
Netzwerk Ackerbau Niedersachsen e.V.
Member of the Mioty Alliance
Supported by
Seedhouse Osnabrück
ATLAS - Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System
South Lower Saxony Innovation Campus

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